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Rideshop Cabs

7 Villa street P.O.Box 326
Masterton 5810
Phone: 06-377-4231
Fax: 06-377-4233


smokeybear said...

I feel ripped of from your company .I thought your firm was a Taxi compamy but found out that you are not a Taxi firm at all. A complaint to land transport is been made The word Cab confussed people also.

Unknown said...

Smokeybear; We always quote a fare and you have to agree to the price before we will accept the booking.So how did Rideshop rip you off?
CAB is a acronym for Call and Book Service.CAB is used in other parts of the world, you can't be a well traveled person and this is how confused is spell.Rideshop is approved by Land Transport NZ.
My clients thinks it the best thing out there, as they always know the cost before they get in the cab

smokey said...

I think you got that right there smokeybear.Your tacticks are not good enough, Dave.

Unknown said...

Obvious “Smokeybear is not a general member of the Public that uses CABS or a taxi but is connected with a Taxi company in Masterton that New Zealand Transport Agency (Waka Kotahi) have revoked Driving Licences from for serous Criminal charges and behaviour over the last few years.
With them out of the industry the “General Public” should now have a much safer services to travel with.
If smokeybear did complain to land transport as they have said NZTA would have investigated and acted upon a report if there was any thing illegal to act upon.
Obviously sour craps from a lesser performing company.
Good to see Rideshop CABS are the most caring Public Transport Services in Masterton and the Wairarapa. Catering for anybody’s transport needs with Drivers that do care more about the customers needs and are not ruled by the $$$$$$