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Kiwi Cabs Limited

63 Horbart St Miramar Wellington
New Zealand
Booking Phone:(04) 389 999


Editor said...

Kiwi Cab Rip Off
I was disappointed at being ripped off by Kiwi Cab when in Wellington recently. My son and I picked one up from the rank outside Wellington airport to take us to the Bolton Hotel in the CBD. The driver, Phillip on Mob: 021 721-171, charged me $50.30. I queried it as it seemed quite a lot higher than I’ve ever been charged in years past. He justified it saying there was traffic and I used a Visa card to pay.

Once in the hotel, the Concierge told me that Corporate Cabs charge a standard $38 for the airport run and I’d been dubbed.

Needless to say, I’ll avoid Kiwi Cabs in future.

Kind regards,

Fiona Mackenzie

Unknown said...

cab rides can be farely expensive depending on the traffic and the delays. A fare from the airport to the city which takes 15 mins, is alot cheaper than say a 30 min fare. In regards to operating form the airport Kiwi Cabs are in top 3 for lowest fares.Kiwi Cabs also have fixed fares to many hotels standard fee of 34 dollars. as compared to corporate cabs $38.

Greg & Desley said...

I recently took a Kiwi cab from christchurch airport to my home in Riccarton. I took the first cab on the lot. Normally I take Blue Star. This kiwi cab cost $11 more than any other taxi company I have taken. Just too much for a short ride. I work for a large organisation and I will tell all my staff not to use this company. They are not kiwi They charge just too much.

RB said...

I too took a cab from chch airport and knew it was dodgy as there was a $10 airport fee and $5 flag fall. Fare cost $43 when normal cost is $33. Km charge was $3 per km This was really expensive I thought and the cab was quite old. I will advise anyone not to use them.

Les Hitchins said...

I also used KiwiCabs in Christchurch recently after using what I thouight was the same company in Wellington. This is NOT the case. The ChCh company charged a $5 flagfall almost double the rate of Goldband or Bluestar. The per km rate was $3.50 a km, some .80 per km more and a $10 airport fee, about $4 more than Goldband. Overall a trip across town cost me $20 more than normal. A right rip off in an old car.

Editor said...

I’ve also had the misfortune of taking a Kiwi Cab from the rank at Christchurch Airport to South Brighton recently. Normally with the more reputable cab companies I would pay around sixty dollars but these monkeys charged me nearer to ninety. I will be proactively warning colleagues and friends not to use this company.
PS I also agree with the other people making comments here the vehicle was tatty and I had to give the driver directions.

Anonymous said...

Same story: taking a Gold star of Blue star cab from the airport to my home in Cashmere including the $10 fee costs $58 usually (as opposed to $48 from home to airport). With Kiwi Cab the same ride from the airport was $72. Rip off; never again!

north stand said...

Arrived back in Christchurch yesterday. Needed to catch a taxi to nearby motel ("just 4 minutes away", according to their blurb) to collect our car. Cab driver called Yasan speaks little English. Doesn't know where the motel is. We explain. We provide directions. We pay the bill: $29.40. Name of taxi company: Kiwicabs. welcome to rip-off New Zealand.

tabatha said...

Used Kiwi Cabs in Wellington Wednesday 16 May from Oriental Bay, Fisherman's Table to Travelodge or rather Plimmer Steps. The Cab stunk of smoke, and driver did not know where Travelodge was, even after us suppling address in the end asked for Lambton Key and Willis Street and showed him where Plimmers Steps were. First and last time to use Kiwi Cabs. Wrote to them, but no reply yet. Also used Corporate Taxis and what a breeze, courteous and made you feel welcome. Only reason to use Kiwi Cab was that Corporate was busy on that evening. Think should have waited and had a coffee. Will up date if and when I get a reply. By the way no Kiwi Driver.

Megz said...

Sounds as though kiwi cabs in Wellington have changed a lot! They are by far the cheapest, and I've never had issues with them at all. I regularly use a mixture of taxi services depending on what's available, and will always take kiwi, then green or combined. Capital and corporate are the most expensive by far.

cinematograph said...


Previously have used them On occasional basic and I was happy with they service and how quick they came (late evenings call out have been great).

Now I am after a surgery. ACC has offered help to get me to get work (as I cant walk) - and I have chosen Kiwi Cabs above Combined !!! I chosen that myself!

What a mistake and a nightmare. Using them 2x a day I am waiting for taxi about 50 minutes a day plus having to make 5-10 calls finding out how far the cab can be! Usually the call center says - " Yep, he is 500 meters away". 5-10 minutes later I call again, they apologies and they say "we sending anther taxi - he is 500 meters away!' Today I waited 40 minutes! yesterday 25, before that 30! One morning I tried to avoid the hassle of waiting with the sore leg on the street again - I BOOKED the taxi for 8.30 - what time did they come? 8:50! Not only I was in pain, I was also late for work I would never use Kiwi Cabs for Airport to catch a plane! I would miss it! Definitely will use Green and Combined in future. One thing I have to say, even couple of times the drivers had been waiting in wrong location, most of the times it was the the call center who has made mistakes.

What a joke of a business!

Diane said...

Two nights ago, my mother (almost 70yrs old), sick with the flu and having very weak knees decided she wouldn't be able to handle the inclined walk from Cuba st. to The Terrace. The first kiwicab driver allowed her into his cab but upon realising how short the trip would be immediately told her to leave. The second kiwicab driver, even after explaining she was ill, also deemed the trip too short and told her to walk all the way to the last taxi in line. Thank goodness the last was a COMBINED TAXIS driver or my mother would have never gotten back to her hotel! We are disgusted by the lack of compassion these two drivers showed, especially to an elderly would-be customer who was simply asking for a service your company has deemed them competent for. If you're at all interested in curbing this pathetic practice in your company PM me and I will provide you with license plate, location and time details. If anything, we hope you use this opportunity to remind these two drivers and the rest of your employees what their duties are and the rights of their customers. We have always used kiwicabs, though all have been lengthy trips to the suburbs and airport so I'm guessing the people skills were certainly on show then. But never again will we choose your "service" and we will tell all friends & family visiting from abroad to avoid kiwicabs during their time in Wellington and the rest of NZ.